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Founder, Artist, Integral Facilitator, Integral Coach

Adi Leigh Brown

Both visual artist and facilitator, Adi supports organizations by visualizing experiences that optimize the power of people in conversation together. Adi sees the world through an integral lens and inspires fluid movement from a current way of being to a new way of being.



Cy Plouviez

Cy brings 20+ years working in the film industry working in many lines of film development, audio, camera, editing, directing and producing. He brings a global perspective to all the projects as a transplanted Frenchman and world traveler. Cy also brings a wealth of knowledge in trauma healing and shamanism. 


Organization and Community Development Consultant

Sue Ries Lamb

Sue has almost 40 years of successful experience as an organization development consultant working on large-scale change projects with all organizational levels from executive management to rank and file. An NTL member, Sue brings her experience leading T-Groups and a focus on diversity and inclusion to our projects.

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